Tajik Jimmy

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

The first thing I edited out was the preceding story at the beginning of the recording. I thought,  while it had a loose tie in to the Tajik Jimmy story, it was really not needed to effectively maintain the message of the story.

After that I edited the beginning, I also cut out the tag at the end because it was really too long and not useful enough to keep. It really served no purpose towards aiding the story so I got rid of it.

Then I snipped the commentary about Tajik Jimmy playing in Russian night clubs and anti-Tajik sentiments in Russia because it really didn’t seem that critical to the flow of the story. I would have rather left it in but it was not absolutely necessary.

Lastly I cut out some of his singing in the middle because I think that we can all get a good feel of what how the song goes without it. We can all see that Jimmy has a good deal of talent without the few seconds of singing I cut out.


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