Social Media Vs. Communication

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

In the beginning, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter were created to help add to the communication channels that already existed. However, it seems to me that their intended results have harbored some ugly repercussions, as well.
The worst side effect of social media is the rapid deterioration of our spelling and grammatical skills as a society since social media became popular. It seems fewer and fewer people really know how to communicate effectively anymore. Everyone wants to abbreviate things and take shortcuts around the English language. It’s really sad because it seems no one wants to actually take the time to speak anymore. Everyone can’t be bothered to take the time to speak English correctly. Lots of people these days, especially the younger generations, seem to think that idiotic phrases such as “l8r” and “2moro” are actual words that can be easily incorporated into the English language. It’s really not cool because these are the people be leading our country and the world in the not so distant future, these will be the people making all of the decisions and making all of the breakthroughs that will shapes the world for generations to come. Hopefully they won’t take that responsibility too lightly because they are the leaders of “2moro.”

  1. strawbiere says:

    This is a really good point. I know I struggle with spelling on some occasions because I am so used to my smart phone just automatically correcting my words. I have even edited other peer’s papers in the past that have used some of the abbreviations that you have mentioned. I feel that the younger generations are becoming more and more dependent on modern technology and are not as scholastic as past generations were.

  2. kalensblog says:

    I agree completely with everything you said. In my own text messages, on Twitter and FaceBook I’ll catch myself using words that are not words. Cuz, gunna, wanna, tyte, etc. And in today’s society people understand these words. But what I think is important to know is that we understand when its a text and when its a test. We wont write words like cuz and wanna in our essays. It is just easier while texting a friend, its fast. Younger generations do have it worse since they have more access to more technology than we did but I believe the same for them. They will realize when spelling and grammar is important. They wont grow up writing cuz on a term paper.

  3. stroltz35 says:

    I have to disagree with your condemnation of social media because of the degradation of language. Language is a evolutionary thing. From the beginnings of paralanguage to know it has evolved and continues to evolve. The reason social media users use such terms is to cut out the confusion and to streamline communication. Take for instance the English usage of articles. Very few languages outside of English use them. Why? because it is not necessary when it comes to getting a meaning across. Look at the Japanese language. Watashi is “I”. when speaking causally that word is never used it is always insinuated. Most of the time when you directly translate something from Japanese it is literally like this. In English we would say “this food is very hot” in Japanese its “Shokuhin hotto” or “food hot”. They believe the meaning of ideas are far more important that the way something is said. If we were to go around and talk like these we would all probably think we sound like barbarians. This is because when English was being created it was made for a aristocratic people. The meanings of ideas and necessity of words did not matter as long as you sounded good saying it. So as to the future I must say id rather have a president that has meaning to his words rather than just sounding like he has meaning. Look at were it has got us up until this point.

  4. maddiefraser says:

    I really like this blog because I think this is an issue that is being overlooked entirely too much in our society. Not only is the internet hindering our abilities to use proper grammar and spelling, but I think this is an issue in everyday life as well. I agree that it is becoming entirely too common that we see such misuse of the English language. It is accepted too much in general but especially online. I think something needs to change to higher our standards of communication. It obviously doesn’t happen everywhere, but it would be nice if we accepted more knowledgable communication rather than slang and bad use of our only language.

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