Crime Prevention

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

In my previous post, I touched a little bit on Internet crime and how ramped it’s running all over the World Wide Web. That part along the seriousness and danger linked to such activity is undeniable. Well, then…so what do we do about it?

There has to be some way to stop them. Good always triumphs over evil, right?…Right? There always had to be a Batman to foil the evil schemes of the Joker.

In this case, there are several. There are lots of different ways you can go about sandbagging your defenses against even the most diabolical of cyber fiends. it really just depends on what kind of crime it is you wish to deter.

The first and most simple step to almost all fortified citadels is the want to update and maintain your  protection. If you’re lax in your defensive practices, then of course someone will take advantage of you. It works just the same as in real life, if you halfheartedly throw on some armor, someone is going to stab you…and stab you…and stab you, until you finally get tired of being stabbed and do something about it.

Fraud comes in all shapes and sizes in this era, however, the one I think is most generally applicable is something called Digital Fraud. Digital Fraud is basically and evil way to use Photoshop to create all sorts of fake documents, i.e. checks, birth certificates, letters, etc. And you thought airbrushing models was bad.

Fortunately, the ways to stop this are very simple. No matter how a forger tries, he will never be able to exactly replicate the original document. The easiest way to stamp out digital fraud is to create some sort of complex design such as the watermark prominently featured on late modeled paper currency in the United States. The more complex a design is, the harder it’ll be to replicate.

However, there is one way that is easier to protect yourself against digital fraud. Knowledge is power. Learn about digital fraud and other Internet crimes. Arm yourself against fraud. Educate yourself!

  1. Arron, thanks a lot for the useful information. I liked the Batman analogy, but I hope our case won’t be as negative as the movie “The Dark Knight.”

    Internet crime is a serious issue that everyone is facing in the modern days of technology. I am not particularly scared of internet cirmes because I just know that we cannot stop all the evil in the world (just like Batman cannot stop it).

    There is always going to be a good and a bad side of the Internet. Just like Batman and the Joker, they are “destined to do this forever.”

  2. marylizcuba says:

    Thanks for the information and I agree that Photoshop is one of the dangerous programs for cyber crime. I use to work as a lobby clerk and I would get fake moneygram checks practically all the time! It’s ridiculous the lengths people will go to for even an extra $20. The best defense is a good offense, so arming yourself with knowledge is one of the best weapons you can have.

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