Are Online Degrees Really As Good As Traditional Degrees?

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

The newest rage in education is the online degree. You can’t hardly turn on the TV these days without seeing some sort of commercial for Everest College or DeVry University or the like trying to pound what a great idea it would be to get an online degree from them down your throat.

Honestly, I view these ads with the precise skepticism and haughty derision as the late night infomercials prodding me to buy Mega Hits of the 80’s. Although, I have to concede that they employ much better actors than said infomercials and they actually almost persuade me to the notion that getting an online degree might just be a good idea after all.

But, is it?

That’s a tricky question and it almost definitely depends on who you are as an individual.

For some people, such as people currently in the workforce with a family to support, an online degree would probably be a great idea. An online degree largely revolves around your hours and allows time for you to complete work at your leisure. That would allow you to keep your job and continue to provide for your family while getting your degree.

However, there are some distinct drawbacks for the rest of us. The main and most important one would be that online degrees rely largely on theory. Students can expect to complete a mountain of book work and exercises pertaining to the theory of their field. In some fields, that’s just fine.

However, in an application driven industry such as Mass Communication, this would be impossible. There’s no way you could learn to do the things we do from a book. It’s because of this online students will have trouble stacking up in the real world against those with a traditional degree. It’s a shame for online students that more fields aren’t solely based on theory.


  1. ciaralsims says:

    Great blog topic Arron. I see online degree advertisements on a consistent basis. These degrees might be useful in a field like psychology, but for the most part, hands-on experience is what lands someone the job. Also, college is more than just grades or an education…it’s an experience. When someone graduates without having to interact with other colleagues, professors, or professionals in their field, I feel like they cheated themselves. Future employers want to find the individual with a wide variety of experiences, not just a decent GPA. For some, online degrees may be the only option for higher education, and I applaud them for pursing after a college degree nonetheless.

  2. Though they seem appealing I don’t think that online colleges have the “high education” reputation just yet. I feel as though employers still “look down” on online college degrees while traditional college degrees are held to a higher standard. I myself have heard of people cheating when taking online classes and what is to say they cannot do the same in this type of “college.” Furthermore there are SO many more benefits to a traditional college than an online college could ever give which puts them at a great disadvantage. It may be a while before online colleges have a good reputation.

  3. marylizcuba says:

    They do make getting your online seem easy and good, but you’re right that in some fields, it’s just not possible. I saw one the other day that would let you complete a degree in a medical field via online. I believe any sort of job in the medical field should seriously require field experience. There are just some stuff you can’t learn purely in a book. Where as, online education is great for people with very busy lives, it just isn’t the same as learning hands on.

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