Jasmine Interview

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For my interview, I interviewed Jasmine Ellis.


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Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

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Unfortunately, in this story, there were not a whole lot of unneeded parts that would be obvious omissions so I had to dig a little deeper.

I started off by getting rid of most of the extra music at the end. It added a nice touch but only in limited usage. There was no need to have 30 seconds of music at the end so I chopped it off.

The only other actual piece of the story I got rid of was the part about people taking pictures of the trucks logo. It seemed to add little to the continuity of the story.

Then the rest that I edited out was just “verbage.” I just sliced a couple of words here and there to make it fit the time. I got rid of the unneeded words in the story to make it flow a little better.

Have a listen and enjoy!

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Tajik Jimmy

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The first thing I edited out was the preceding story at the beginning of the recording. I thought,  while it had a loose tie in to the Tajik Jimmy story, it was really not needed to effectively maintain the message of the story.

After that I edited the beginning, I also cut out the tag at the end because it was really too long and not useful enough to keep. It really served no purpose towards aiding the story so I got rid of it.

Then I snipped the commentary about Tajik Jimmy playing in Russian night clubs and anti-Tajik sentiments in Russia because it really didn’t seem that critical to the flow of the story. I would have rather left it in but it was not absolutely necessary.

Lastly I cut out some of his singing in the middle because I think that we can all get a good feel of what how the song goes without it. We can all see that Jimmy has a good deal of talent without the few seconds of singing I cut out.

Michael Nye Exhibit

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First and foremost, I thought just the idea for an exhibit like this was ingenious. I was intrigued because this exhibit incorporated a different form of art and a different form of story telling. It’s not every day you get to hear stories like that straight from the source. Had it not have been for the subject matter presented, I would’ve really enjoyed myself.

  • I felt very compelled by the accounts that were given and, in a way, drawn to the storyteller themselves. When I hear stories like those that involve hardships and sometimes even life and death experiences it’s hard for me to not be intrigued.
  •  I was particularly interested in a story told by Sabas of how he had to shoot another man’s cow just so he wouldn’t starve to death. That kind of story is so profound and it really makes me realize how much hunger affects so many people.
  • The main thing that I found out through the stories was that hunger is a very real problem for a significant amount of the population. Those accounts just made it really hit home how devastating hunger can be.
  • This exhibit taught me how to be a better story teller through my presentation of the story. Now I will try to be more concise and on point with my language. People get tired of listening if you ramble on and on.
  • I have learned how to be write specifically for the web through the evaluation of my previous blog entries. I have learned to be more economical with my words and condense my speech to receive the greatest amount of impact from my blog.

Ira Glass

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The main new thing that I learned from Ira Glass is that stories have natural momentum. I thought it was really cool how he was talking about that every story, even the most boring, has a certain element suspense to it. I think he was right about that. No matter how mundane a series of events are it seems like something dramatic is going to happen. I think he hit the nail on the head and it’s cool to hear it articulated as such.

Also, one of the things he reminded me of was that story telling should not be executed like they teach you in high school. Story telling should be a logical sequence of events instead of writing a topic sentence. There is a right and a wrong way to tell a story.

I think these things will help make me be a more efficient writer. I will be more readily able to recall the rules of writing and they will help me be the best writer that i can be.

Professional Graphic Designers

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Marc Dorsett – www.marcdorsett.com

I noticed a common theme in most of the pages Mr. Dorsett has designed as I was looking over his work. Most of the graphics he designs are very simplistic. In a way, they almost don’t even look professionally created.

Some of his graphics, such as www.usbalkanssummit.com, look on par with something found on a create-a-free-website website. Many of his graphics are far too mundane to be the work of a paid professional.

However, he does also have some better work as well. Www.hutchinsonfox.com is a decent example of what he can do. Unfortunately, I am sad to say that his overall body of work does not impress me much.

Robert H. Sickler – www.rhsdesign.com/gallery.htm

I concluded by looking at his work that Mr. Sickler deals mainly in logo designs for companies. On the whole I like Mr. Sickler’s work quite a bit more than Mr. Dorsett’s. Mr. Sickler’s work really does look like it was professionally designed.

I am particularly fond of the Jett Williams logo found at www.rhsdesign.com/examples/logo18.htm. It seems this logo took a good amount of planning and graphic skill to create. I like it because it doesn’t seem too intricate but it is nice to look at. 

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